Adrian Archibald


  Full Name: Adrian Archibald.

Date of Birth: 31 / 10 /69.

Place of Birth : Ballymoney.

Hometown : Ballymoney.

Status :Married to Melanie.

Doting father of Aaron.

Occupation : Motorcycle Racer / Joiner.

Hobbies : Cycling, Music & Darts.

First Race : 1992.

Favourite Circuits : Mid Antrim 150, Isle of Man TT .

Ambition : To win the major International road races as well as the Nationals and repay the faith shown in the team by Red Bull Honda and all our sponsors.

Overall Ambition : To be successful and enjoy my racing.







Honda Racing CBR600 ( Regal spec ).

Honda Racing CBR600 Tuned.

Honda Racing CBR900 Formula 1 Fireblade.

Honda Racing CBR900 Production spec.


Team Sponsors.

Honda UK

Royal Hotel, Cookstown

64 Coagh Street,  Cookstown

Tel / ( 028 ) 8676 2224

  Manager : David Wood

Coordinator : Melanie Archibald

Chief Mechanic : Jim McMahon

Engine Preparation : Tony Scott

Pit Crew : Danny Elliott, Joey Henry.

Special Support.

Arthur Faulkner, Plumbing & Heating, Portstewart

Adrian Archibald Supporters Club

Eddie Torrens, Car Dismantlers, Ballymoney

Lamont Commercials, Ballymoney

Holgar Seamless Systems, Ballymoney

John Harris Motorcycles, Crowborough, East Sussex



  Career Highlights.

1992.  Fifth. Enkalon Clubmans Supersport 400c Championship.

1993. Winner. Enkalon Clubmans Supersport 400cc Championship.





First Race Win at Kirkistown Short Circuit.

Fifth, Regal 600 cc Championship.

Twelfth, Irish 600cc Road Race Championship.

Third, Irish 600cc Short Circuit Championship.

1995.  Fifth, Manx GP Newcomers Race.

Tenth, Senior Manx Grand Prix.

Sixth, Regal 600cc Championship.

Third, Irish 600cc Road Race Championship.




Manx Grand Prix.

Second, Junior Manx GP.

Member of winning team,  MCRRC of Ireland.

Second, Senior Manx GP.

Member of winning team,  MCRRC of Ireland.

Absolute Course Lap Record, 117.18 mph.

Dickie Dale Trophy for fastest lap.

Lord Wakefield Cup.

Arai Rider of the month, September.

Second, 600cc Irish Road Race Championship.

Third, Regal 600cc Championship.

Fourth, Senior Irish Road Race Championship.




Winner, Irish 600cc Road Race Championship.

Third, Regal 600cc Championship.

Fourth, Senior Irish Road Race Championship.




Second, Regal 600cc Championship.

Second, 600cc Irish Road Race Championship.

Third, Irish 600cc Short Circuit Championship.

Third, Irish Senior Road Race Championship. 

Fifth, Joe Lindsay Unlimited Championship.




Isle of Man TT.

Tenth, 600cc Junior TT, 114.27 mph.

Tenth, Production TT, 116.84 mph.

Member of winning Production Club Team,

Motorcycle Road Racing Club of Ireland.

Isle of Man National Road Races.

Southern 100. Sixth, Supersport 600 Race, 99.856 mph.

Seventh, Senior Race, 99.055 mph.

Sixth, Senior Solo Founders Race, 99.752 mph.

Seventh, Solo Senior Championship, 100.862 mph.




Ulster Grand Prix.

Fifth, Regal Race. 116.84 mph.

Twelfth, Ulster Grand Prix, 117.256 mph.

North West 200.

Seventh, Regal Race. 112.329 mph.

Fifth, Production Race.111.757 mph.

Twelfth, Superbike Race. 111.854 mph.



    1998.  Irish National Road Race Results.

Cookstown 100. 

Regal Race, Third, 91.892 mph.

Open Race, Fifth, 90.766 mph.

Cookstown 100, Third, 94.273 mph.

Tandragee 100.

Regal Race, Second, 98.639 mph.

Open Race, Third, 99.311 mph.

Tandragee 100, Fifth, 101.662 mph.

Dundrod 150.

Regal Race, Fourth, 116.655 mph.

Open Race, Fourth, 119.201 mph.


Regal Race, Second, 110.99 mph. (fastest lap).

Open Race, Fourth, 112.50 mph.

Grand Final, Third, 115.13 mph.


Regal Race, Winner, 101.44 mph.

Open Race, Third, 101.84 mph.

Grand Final, Third, 102.84 mph.

Temple 100.

Regal Race, Winner, 98.669 mph.(fastest lap).

Open Race, Second, 95.151 mph.

Temple 100, Fourth, 98.102 mph.



  1998.  Irish National Road Race Results cont'd.

Mid Antrim 150.

Regal Race, Third, 105.434 mph.

Open Race, Fourth, 104.163 mph.

Mid Antrim 150, Seventh, 105.563 mph.


Regal Race, Winner, 98.13 mph.

Open Race, Third, 96.50 mph.

Grand Final, Third, 99.22 mph.

North Monaghan.

Regal Race, Second, 93.225 mph. (fastest lap). 

Open Race, Third, 95.012 mph.

Grand Final, Fifth, 95.248 mph.


Regal Race, Second, 110.017 mph.

Open Race, Fourth, 108.859 mph.

Carrowdore RR,  Seventh, 111.545 mph. 


Regal Race, Winner,100.52 mph.

Open Race, Second, 102.10 mph.

Grand Final, Fourth, 101.89 mph.


Regal Race, Winner, 95.21 mph. 

Open Race, Second, 94.65 mph.

Grand Final, Second, 96.02 mph, (Absolute Lap Record).












  1998.  Irish National Short Circuit Results.

21.3.98. Aghadowey.

1st Regal Race. Winner.  2nd Regal Race. Fourth.

1st Senior Race. Second.  2nd Senior Race. Second.

11.4.98. Aghadowey.

1st Regal Race. Fourth.  2nd Regal Race. Third. 

1st Senior Race. Fifth.  2nd Senior Race. Fifth.

Enkalon Trophy Race. Fifth.

13.4.98. Kirkistown.

1st Regal Race. Second.    2nd Regal Race. Sixth.

23.5.98. Nutts Corner.

1st Regal Race. Fifth.    2nd Regal Race. Fifth.

23.6.98. Bishopscourt.

1st Regal Race. Winner.  2nd Regal Race. Seventh.

23.9.98. Aghadowey.

1st Regal Race. Winner.  2nd Regal Race. Winner.

1st Senior Race. Third.    2nd Senior Race. Third.



          1999 has seen the bridesmaid become the bride. Adrian Archibald took a big jump in ability towards the end of the 1998 season and this year he has managed to maintain this improvement despite a number of machine problems and thankfully minor
crashes. A number of people may say that Adrian has benefited from Richard Britton's absence during this season but I think if those doubters asked either of these riders about Cookstown for instance, they would find that Adrian & Richard were now so close in riding ability and their machinery so similar in performance that there really is nothing to call between them on the track.

      During the 1999 Isle of Man TT Adrian showed his form by being the fastest rider in the Junior class at the end of practice week. While this is totally different from the race itself, Adrian's pace showed he was at one with his machinery. In the Junior TT Adrian finished fourth, but what a fourth. He had circulated with Joey Dunlop for much of the race and Joey's comments after the event were complimentary to say the least. He said that Adrian was a definite 600 specialist. Great words from a great man for a great ride.

     Following his excellent rides in both the Junior and Production TT's Adrian has come back home and is now challenging for the Regal Championship, a title that has eluded him in the past. Should Adrian be successful in his quest I can think of no worthier
Champion in the face of all the cheating that seems to be going on in the sport today.

    Adrian Archibald in a display of tactical riding has not only achieved his main goal. The prestigious Regal 600 Championship title and regained his 600cc Irish Road Race Champion title but now adds to these the Lambert & Butler Challenge Title. In a record breaking year Adrian kept his head through adversity and his consistent finishes and Record breaking runs at the Mid Antrim have finally resulted in his best ever season.


1999 Season Review

  1999 - Regal 600 Champion.

1999 - Lambert & Butler Champion.

1999 - Irish Supersport 600 Road Race Champion.

1999 - Joe Lindsay Unlimited Champion.

1999 - Runner - up, Irish Senior Road Race Championship.

1999 - NGK Rider of the Year.

Total Irish Race Wins - 10.

  International Results 1999 Road Races:

May 1999 - North West 200 Road Races - S/Sport Regal 600 - 5th.

June 1999 - Isle of Man TT Races - S/Sport Junior TT - 4th.

June 1999 - Isle of Man TT Races - Production TT - 4th.

August 1999 - Ulster Grand Prix - S/Sport Regal 600 - 4th.

Fastest Rider during practice week for 600cc Junior TT.

International Short Circuit Race Results 1999.

September 1999 - Assen Holland - S/Sport 600 - 8th.

September 1999 - Kirkistown Sunflower - S/Sport 600 - 3rd.1100cc Race - 5th.


Breakdown of Championship Results - 1999.

  Regal Championship.

1. Aghadowey S/C - DNF.

2. Kirkistown S/C - DNS.

3. Cookstown 100 - 2nd.                               F/Lap 83.28 mph. Race Record.

4. Tandragee - 2nd.

5. Dundrod 150 - 1st.

6. Nutts Corner S/C - 4th.

7. Mid Antrim 150 - 1st.

8. Mid Antrim 150 race 2. - 1st.

9. Monaghan. 2nd.

10. Carrowdore - 1st.                                   F/Lap. 111.75 mph.   Race Record.

11. Kirkistown S/C - 1st.

12. Kirkistown S/C race 2. - DNF.

  Lambert & Butler Championship.

1. Aghadowey S/C - DNF.

2. Kirkistown S/C - DNS.

3. Cookstown 100. - 5th.

4. Tandragee 100. - 6th.

5. Dundrod 150. - 4th.

6. Nutts Corner S/C. - 4th.

7. Mid Antrim 150. 1st.

8. Monaghan race 1. - 3rd.

9. Monaghan race 2. - 4th.

10. Carrowdore 100.- 3rd.

11. Kirkistown S/C. - 2nd.

12. Aghadowey S/C. - DNF.

  Other National Results:

Tandragee 100. - Grand Final - 2nd.

Nutts Corner S/C. Stock Cup - 3rd.

Dundalk Road Races. SS 600 - 1st.           Senior Race - 5th. Grand Final - 5th.

Skerries Road Races. SS600 - 1st.
Senior Race - 2nd. Grand Final - 2nd

Monaghan Road Races. Grand Final - 3rd.

Carrowdore 100. Grand Final - 2nd.

Mid Antrim 150. Grand Final 1st.

Killalane Road Races. SS600 - 1st.


AA and Y2K

         Adrian started his 2000 season in determined mood. Not for Adrian the disappointing get off's suffered in the early part of last season that made his job just that bit more difficult. This year things went almost to plan. Adrian short circuit skills had again seen
visual improvement as he took on Michael Swann and Kieran McGrory once again. Adrian's old sparring partner Richard Britton also looked on form and you just knew that when the real road races started, there was going to be one hell of a fight at the front and invariably that fight would be between Adrian and Richard Britton.

      The Championships kicked off at Nutts Corner and though 7th and 4th places in the opening rounds of the Lambert & Butler Championship didn't look like great starts to Adrian's title defence, just remember last season and the fact that Adrian scored no points in either the L&B or Regal Championships until the first road race of the year. Adrian's 2000 Regal debut was better though, taking third place in race one and a narrow victory over race one winner and main competitor Richard Britton in race two.

      The Easter weekend was next and Aghadowey saw Michael Swann begin his usual domination of the short circuit rounds as he scooped both Lambert & Butler wins and both Regal 600 victories as well. Adrian though scored some more valuable points with two 3rd places in the Lambert & Butler races and 2nd and 3rd places in the Regal races. On Easter Monday at Kirkistown Michael Swann was denied a total whitewash when Kieran McGrory took a win in the second Regal race. McGrory played a part in Adrian's day as well taking Adrian out of the race going into Colonial 1. Adrian recovered to take 3rd place in the second Regal race. In the Lambert & Butler races Swanny took both wins but Adrian scored third and fourth places respectively, taking an overall good tally of points to the
opening Road race of the season, The Cookstown 100 on the dreadful Orritor circuit.

    Adrian looked as though he is as impressed with the Orritor circuit as I am, and in the awful conditions he struggled along behind fellow Team Wood rider Uel Duncan to finish 5th in the Lambert & Butler race and then finished a lonely 3rd in the Regal 600 race.


         Next up the North West 200 and stardom awaited a win for any of our local riders capable of beating the visitors. In the first Superbike race Adrian found himself involved in a terrific battle with Joey Dunlop and Iain Duffus. With the two V&M Yamaha's of Jefferies and Rutter away up the road it was left to this Honda trio to get everyone on their feet. Duffus narrowly beat Adrian for the final rostrum place, but Adrian had showed again he was capable of running at the front with the very best road racers, one of which he definitely now was.

      The Supersport race had Adrian once again dicing it out with Joey. Off the pace compared to the V&M Yamaha's Adrian finished in sixth place which he was pretty upset about.

      The Production race was a cracker. With Jefferies and Duffus taking each other out in the early stages it was left to Jim Moodie, Richard Britton and Adrian to put on a show for the thousands of fans. Some show, this leading threesome left the rest of the field in their wake as they swapped places round the circuit. It was however Richard Britton who took a great victory with Adrian finishing third behind Honda Britain's Jim Moodie.

      In the second Superbike race Adrian found himself dicing with Jason Griffiths and Rob Frost, and while this was great viewing for the fans, it meant at the end of the day that any chance of a rostrum place had gone. Adrian finished the race in sixth place again. It was all good preparation for the TT.

      Before the TT came that contentious Tandragee meeting. Considering Adrian was not going to race at first, he certainly decided that he may as well give it his all when things finally got underway. Adrian started off the day with a nail biting victory over Richard
Britton in the Lambert & Butler race, then went on to do the same to Richard in the Regal race earning more of those valuable points in the process.

     TT 2000. Honda suffered badly during practice and we can be thankful that Adrian and Uel stayed with Tony Scott as far as tuning was concerned. We all know what happened in the F1 race and their was no one else who could have done what Joey did.


        The Junior TT race looked like Adrian's best chance during the TT festival. Only trying too hard on the first lap possibly (no probably ) cost Adrian the win. He rode like a champion closing in on David Jefferies on the last lap over the mountain in a style usually associated with that other Ballymoney racer Joey. Adrian finished second but that result was to pay dividends for Adrian later in the year.

      The Production race was a farce to put it mildly. It was ridiculous to put these riders out in those conditions.  The only riders who pushed were David Jefferies, Richard Britton and Richard Quayle who in my opinion was pushing far too hard for his level of experience. Adrian rode round to finish a wet but safe sixth.

      Thankfully the Senior race was held over until the Saturday morning and conditions were nearly perfect. David Jefferies never put a wheel wrong and took his third win of the week. Adrian was involved in a dice with that man Joey Dunlop ( just for a change ) and
Jason Griffiths eventually finishing the off the 2000 TT with a great fifth place.

      Now it was time to get back to the job in hand, i.e. winning the home Championships and the Dundrod 150. Historically riders just back from the TT always go well at the Dundrod meeting and Adrian was no exception. Adrian scored a great win in the Regal 600 race
and with his nearest rival Richard Britton back in 5th place, he had grabbed back some more valuable points.

     In the Lambert & Butler race though Adrian did not get it his own way. His Honda CBR900 had once again developed a problem which meant that Adrian had to use his CBR600 against the many 750, 900 and 1000cc machines. While Adrian battled with Uel Duncan, Brian Gardiner and Ryan Farquhar made off into the distance and at the flag Adrian had to settle for 4th place which was however better than Richard Britton who rode the Sandown Honda 250 and finished way back in 21st place and out of the points.


        It was back to Swann territory next and short circuit rounds of the Imperial Tobacco Championships at Aghadowey.

     The main players were always going to be Adrian, Michael Swann, Richard Britton and Kieran McGrory but which one was going to be the man to catch on the day. Well it was of course Michael Swann and in the first Regal race he fought it out with McGrory to take a
narrow victory with Adrian coming home fourth behind Richard Britton. The second Regal race would be a different story though. Adrian was really focused for this one and he pushed his Dowd Honda past Swanny and opened up a healthy lead to take an important victory over Michael with Richard Britton in third place again.

      Could Adrian do the same in the Lambert & Butler races. The resurgent Rodney McCurdy had other plans. Adrian was at a massive disadvantage as his CBR900's mystery illness had not been cured and he was again out on the 600 Honda. Adrian fought bravely and to
be fair to him, he worked wonders and rode the wheels off the Dowd Honda CBR600. Michael Swann took the race win from McCurdy, but Adrian was beaten to third place by McGrory by the narrowest of margins. Race 2 again saw Michael Swann run out the winner and this time Adrian suffered a little as he fought against a pack of R1 Yamaha's. at the flag Adrian was 6th, one place ahead of
Richard Britton who was again 250 mounted.

     This year Adrian like his fellow Team Wood riders had decided to give the Ulster Television Champion of Champions Series a go, and in his usual style he started his campaign with three straight wins in the Supersport 600 class. Unfortunately his machine developed a problem in the fourth race and he could only manage 5th place. All this short circuit racing though was going to help him in the closing rounds of the Irish Championships later in the year.

      Back across the border to the Skerries next and again Adrian proved to be the class of the field, taking two wins in tricky conditions.

      Staying in the Irish Republic it was a long distance trip to just outside Athlone for the Walderstown Road Races. A new venue to replace Fore Village's annual races, ruined by local head cases. You might have been excused for thinking Adrian had spent some time here already when you consider just what he achieved on the day. Both the Supersport 600 race, both Senior races setting the lap record on the way and lifting the Man of the Meeting award as well. The trip had indeed been worthwhile.

      Back at Kirkistown for the second part of the Champion of Champions Series, and this time Adrian had also brought along his Honda Britain backed CBR900 to contest the Open Races. Adrian took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the three Supersport 600 races but the Open races proved to be even tougher. The CBR900 could run with Michael Swann's R1 Yamaha but actually beating the accepted king of the Irish short circuits was going to prove a little more difficult. Adrian did ride well but only managed to take 3rd, 4th and 6th places in the big class before the meeting was prematurely cancelled following a serious accident in the final Superport 600 race of the event.

      Back down south again, this time to Kells and a trio of 2nd places after some hectic dices with John Donnan who was back at the place he scored his first and second road race victories last year.

      Now returning virtually to his back yard Adrian was out in front at the Mid Antrim Road Races and in winning form. Beaten by Richard Britton in the Regal 600 race Adrian turned the tables on everyone and took both Lambert & Butler Races in style.

     The next race was the tragically ill fated North Monaghan road races. Adrian had to put up with a very determined Darran Lindsay in the Regal 600 race and the Superkings 125 rider held off Adrian for the win. With the end of the season rapidly approaching, Adrian
needed as much of a points cushion between himself and Richard Britton as possible. Thankfully Uel Duncan managed to get the better of Richard at Monaghan. This meeting was abandoned after the fatal accident involving Gary Dynes, Andrew McClean and Denis McCullough.

     The Ulster Grand Prix proved to be a very tough event for Adrian. He had to focus very hard on the job in hand knowing that his good friend and fellow Team Wood rider Uel Duncan was just a few miles away in intensive care at the Royal Victoria Hospital following his
accident in practice the day before.

      Adrian received the same treatment as Joey Dunlop had last year in the 1st Superbike race. The two V&M riders using blocking tactics to stop any real challenge to them. Adrian was really the only rider who could have beaten the V&M Yamaha's. As it was Adrian had to settle for 3rd in the first Superbike race, 4th place in the second Superbike race and was narrowly beaten into second place by David Jefferies in the Regal 600 race. Adrian did have some glory though. In a demonstration of total domination, he swept to an unchallenged victory in the Production race which must have done much to secure his future as Honda's leading Road Racer for the 2001 season.


         The last Road Race of the season at Carrowdore also saw tragedy as we lost a great friend Eddie Sinton following an accident in the Regal race. Adrian had already taken victory in the Lambert & Butler race and even though it would take all his skill and a fair share of luck to retain both the Regal and Lambert & Butler titles, he at least had a chance.

        At the final rounds of the Regal and Lambert & Butler Championships held at Bishopscourt, Adrian took the fight to Michael Swann and his superb riding skill coupled with a smile from Lady Luck when Swanny's R1 went sick allowing Adrian to follow up 2nd place in race one with victory in race two. This tied up the Lambert & Butler Championship for the second successive year. If Adrian was daring to expect to win one of the Championships it would probably have been the Regal 600. Richard Britton had other idea's though. Adrian duly won race one, but Richard battled hard to take the victory in race two. This was enough to deny Adrian of the
double but I doubt Adrian would begrudge Richard after the mixed season he has had.

       In October Adrian found himself in unfamiliar territory. Mondello Park had stepped in to host the Celtic Match races and Adrian was drafted into the Irish team. There was also the final rounds of the Irish Championships to contest and Adrian took the track by
storm. He won the first Supersport 600 race and was second in race two. He then went on to finish 2nd in both the Open races and the Superstock race. Adrian then finished 4th in the MCUI Grand Champions race.

       In the actual Celtic Match races Adrian did the team proud. He finished third in Leg One and second in Leg Two, this was enough for the Irish Team to take a commanding victory against the Scottish, Welsh and Isle of Man teams.

        The only big meeting left in what has been a traumatic year was the Sunflower Races at Kirkistown. Adrian was on form but really no one was going to threaten Jim Moodie in the Supersport 600 race. Adrian had a great dice with Richard Britton and just got the better of the newly crowned Regal Champion on the dash to the line to take 2nd place.

        Adrian crashed out of the Sunflower trophy race but was perfectly ok and went on to finish 6th in the Open Race.

       As if he hadn't had enough this year Adrian went to work again at the final race meeting of the year, the Closed to Club meeting run by the MCRRC of Ireland at Aghadowey. Adrian was never off the podium ( had they actually got one ) winning the first Supersport 600 race and taking 2nd the second Supersport 600 outing. he finished off his season with a 2nd and two 3rd places in the Senior Open races.

       Adrian now has to prepare himself for next season. He has to effectively fill the place of Joey Dunlop in Honda Britain's Road Racing schedule. It is a daunting task but everyone that knows Adrian also knows that Joey himself would approve. I do hope that all the fickle people that defected to Yamaha and Suzuki will not be to distraught next year. Adrian is going to be tough to beat.


Regal 600, Lambert & Butler Challenge Results




















Nutts Corner





Cookstown 100


Tandragee 100


Dundrod 150




Mid Antrim 150

                                    North Monaghan RR

Carrowdore 100


Closed to Club

Irish Championship


Irish Championship

                                                                                     Irish Championship


Irish Championship


Irish Championship


Irish Championship


Irish Championship


Irish Championship

                                        Irish Championship

Irish Championship

Irish Championship

  600cc Race - 5th

Regal 600 Race 1 - 3rd. Regal 600 Race 2 - 2nd                                                  Lambert & Butler Race 1 - 7th Lambert & Butler Race 4th                                 King of the Corner Final - 5th

Regal 600 Race 1 - 3rd Regal 600 Race 2 - 2nd                                                   Lambert & Butler Race 1- 3rd Lambert & Butler Race 2- 3rd                               Enkalon Trophy Race - 3rd

Regal 600 Race 1 - DNF  Regal 600 Race 2 - 5th                                                 Lambert & Butler Race 1 - 3rd Lambert & Butler Race 2 4th                                Ards Council Final - 3rd   Regal 600 Race - 3rd - F/Lap 75.887 mph

                                                                                                                                     Lambert & Butler Race - 5th - F/Lap 74.450 mph
Cookstown Senior Race - 1st F/Lap 77.396mph

Regal 600 Race - 1st  F/Lap 98.750 mph                                                            Lambert & Butler Race - 1st - F/Lap 95.950 mph                                                    Tandragee Grand Final - 1st - F/Lap 101.723 mph  Man of the Meeting

 Regal 600 Race -1st - New Lap Record - 119.959 mph                                           Lambert & Butler Race - 4th - F/Lap 119.598 mph  IFS Dundrod 150 Senior Race - 3rd - F/Lap 121.038 mph 

Regal 600 Race 1 - 4th Regal 600 Race 2 -1st                                                       Lambert & Butler Race 1 - 4th Lambert & Butler Race 2 -6th                           Regal 600 Race - 2nd - F/Lap 98.763 mph

Lambert & Butler Race 1 - 1st - F/Lap 95.93 mph                                             Lambert & Butler Race 2 - 1st - F/Lap 102.415 mph   

Regal 600 Race - 2nd - F/Lap 96.562 mph

Carrowdore 100 Race - 1st F/Lap 106.375 mph

Regal 600 Race 1 - 2nd Regal 600 Race 2 - 1st                                                    Lambert & Butler Race 1 - 2nd Lambert & Butler Race 2 - 1st



Other Irish Championship Results


  24/6/2000          Aghadowey   Irish Championship                    MCUI Grand Championship - 5th

27/28/6/2000     Kirkistown     UTV Champion of Champions     SS600 Race 1- 1st.   Race 2 - 1st. SS600 Race 3 - 1st.  SS600 Race 4 - 5th

1/7/2000           Skerries RR   Irish Championship                     SS600 Race 1 - 1st - F/Lap 97.225 mph. Senior Race 1st - F/Lap 94.227 mph

17/7/2000         Nutts Corner  Irish Championship                     Race of the North - 3rd.

16/7/2000        Walderstown RR  Irish Championship               SS600 Race 1- 1st. Senior Race - 1st. Grand Final - 1st. Lap Record Holder

25/26/ 7 2000  Kirkistown    UTV Champion of Champions    SS600 Race 1 - 2nd SS600 Race 2 - 1st. SS600 Race 3 - 3rd. Senior Open Race 1- 6th 6th                                                                                                                   Senior Open Race 2 - 3rd. Senior Open Race 3 - 4th

23/7/2000      Kells RR        Irish Championship                           600cc Race - 2nd - F/Lap 102.170 mph.  Senior Race - 2nd - F/Lap 104.234 mph.                                                                                                       Grand Final - 2nd

16/9/2000      Bishopscourt    Irish Championship                  Norman Brown Memorial  -  3rd

8/10/2000     Mondello Park   Irish Championship                  SS600 Race 1 - 1st. SS600 Race 2 - 2nd

                        Mondello Park   Celtic Match Races                  Open Senior Race 1 - 2nd Open Senior Race 2 - 2nd. Superstocks Race - 2nd 2nd                                                                                                                  MCUI Grand Championship Race - 4th <BR>Race 1 - 3rd Race 2 - 2nd      

14/10/2000   Kirkistown   Sunflower Trophy Races                SS600 Race - 2nd Senior Open Race - 6th.  Sunflower Trophy Race - DNF

21/10/2000   Aghadowey   Closed to Club                                SS600 Race 1 - 1st. SS600 Race 2 - 2nd. Senior Open Race 1 - 2nd
                                                                                                             Senior Open race 2 - 3rd. Senior Open race 3 - 3rd


Overall Classifications:

  1st Irish 600cc Road Race Champion

1st Irish 1100cc Road Race Champion

1st Lambert & Butler Senior Champion

1st Joe Lindsay Unlimited Champion

1st Sam McClements Unlimited Road Race Champion

2nd Regal 600cc Championship

Isle of Man TT Races:

600cc Junior TT - 2nd * New Lap Record Holder - 121.15 mph

Production TT - 6th

Formula 1 TT - DNF

Senior TT - 5th - Fastest Lap - 121.78 mph

International Club Team Award Winner - MCRRC of Ireland

North West 200 Road Races:

600cc Regal Race - 6th - F/Lap - 112.091 mph

Production Race - 3rd - F/Lap - 114.396 mph

1st Superbike Race - 4th - F/Lap - 115.091 mph

2nd Superbike Race - 6th - F/Lap - 114.455 mph

Ulster Grand Prix:

600cc Regal Race - 2nd * New Lap Record Holder - 122.405 mph

Production Race - 1st * New Lap Record Holder - 122.445 mph

1st Superbike Race - 3rd - F/Lap 125.446 mph

2nd Superbike Race - 4th - F/Lap 125.189 mph



Adrian Archibald, A New Era

2001 Racing Season

      2001 saw a new era in many ways for Irish Motorcycle Racing. Possibly the greatest effect would be due to the foot & mouth crisis that swept through the UK early in the year. With many of the Irish race run on rural country roads in what is basically a Province based around an agricultural economy, this was to have far reaching effects on our sport. Adrians season had to be somewhat re structured and he ended up taking in a number of races across the water in the British MRO Championships as well as the short circuit races that were being held during the early part of the Irish season. Adrians season based around the pure road races and in particular the North West 200, Isle of Man TT and Ulster Grand Prix looked initially to be in ruins and to happen as he became a full factory Honda rider with a main title sponsor in the shape of Red Bull made things look even worse. The team having built up a great degree of professionalism did not want to let any of Adrian's sponsors down and the press was scanned day by day with great trepidation as event after event was cancelled.

    Red Bull, The Royal Hotel, Cookstown and Adrian's small army of dedicated personal sponsors however never wavered in their support and though it became obvious that at least two out of the three main events Adrian was due to contest. The North West 200 and Isle of Man TT races were called off, Adrian together with David decided to mount a bid for one of the British Championships. The MRO Championship was chosen and Adrian despite missing the first round set about preparing for a busy season ahead. Adrian's Lambert & Butler Title of course would have to be one of Adrian's main priorities, that and his attempt to take back the Regal Championship title from Richard Britton. As far as the Lambert & Butler Championship was concerned Michael Swann was going to be the main threat and it looked initially that the factory Red Bull Honda CBR960 was not going to be good enough to beat Swanny on his Anderton R1 Yamaha. The Regal Championship was not going to be a walk over either for as well as Richard Britton to contend with Marty Nutt had decided to take up the challenge and his experience racing on short circuits all over the world would make him a tough competitor both in the Regal and Lambert & Butler title races.

    Adrian seems to have one very strong characteristic when it comes to his racing, consistency. He manages to be somewhere at the front and even if it looks like he can't possibly win a race he can usually ride to consolidate his points with a top three finish, this is something which is always important should his adversary's on the track make the odd mistake. Adrian's main adversary's however don't make that many mistakes and Richard Britton's results bear testament to that with a double Regal win at Nutts Corner. In the Lambert & Butler Races though it was a slightly different story. Michael Swann held a 100% record going to Nutts Corner for the May bank holiday meeting. That is until the second L&B race. Adrian had hounded Swanny all the way in the first race and in race two he did exactly the same only this time Adrian went one better he beat the unbeatable Michael Swann. This will no doubt prove to be a very important factor in this years Championship. Adrian set off for Scarborough immediately after Nutts Corner to contest the Spring Cup races. Never having been to the Olivers Mount Circuit before, Adrian was up against two riders in particular who have had many success's at this famous Yorkshire parkland track. Jason Griffiths and Ian Lougher. In the first leg Adrian finished second to Lougher but when Lougher
went out in race two Adrian found himself leading and he carried his advantage to the flag taking overall victory.

    Adrian's next trip was to Castle Coombe for another round of the MRO Championships. Adrian's merciless attack on this Championship continued with record breaking wins in both the 600cc and Powerbike races. The win in the Powerbike race saw Adrian consolidate
his lead in the Championship after 6 rounds with a 24 point advantage and Adrian has only contested three of the rounds.

    With the Foot & Mouth crisis now seemingly in decline and more road races being confirmed for the rest of the season it is difficult to know just how many more MRO Championship rounds Adrian will be taking in, but one thing is for sure. If Adrian Archibald's name was only known in TT and road race circles before on the mainland it sure as hell is a little better known by the short circuit riders and fans now.

    With the Road Racing season just about to get off to a very late start due to the re introduction of most of the Irish events, Adrian must kiss goodbye to the MRO Championships for now. Indeed it is a crying shame in one way, seeing as he is doing so well but title sponsor Red Bull have given him their backing for his pure road racing talents first and foremost and his heart is still as a true road racer. Ironic
as it may be then that the first Irish meeting was to be at Mondello Park a short circuit, in fact on arrival a very short circuit. The shortest of the three variables available at Mondello. Adrian's last visit is well documented further back in the 2000 write up but this time he certainly did not have everything his own way. Following a win in the first Supersport 600 race, Adrian although still managing to get onto the rostrum without much difficulty just could not get the better of Richard Britton in the 600 races and Hilton Hincks a real Mondello specialist in the Superbike races. Then while challenging for the lead in the MCUI Grand Final race Adrian crashed, the bike undamaged and Adrian unhurt was never the less detuned and finished off the day with 4th and 5th places in the remaining races.

    The Dundrod 150 Road Races are usually ( weather permitting ) highly charged affairs. Our heroes have normally just returned from the Isle of Man so speeds are high and it's easy to tell who the main men at the TT were. This year of course there has been no TT, and just to add insult to injury the Dundrod 150 races had to be staged at the Aghadowey short circuit. Still it's better then nothing and if you are a short circuit racer who does not do the roads, it could easily be a gift as far as points go. It was to be a troubled day for Adrian as the CBR960 Fireblade again threw up some interesting glitches. The more highly tuned an engine the more difficult it is to get it working to full potential. Jim McMahon will undoubtedly get it right and it has to be said it's still a very quick motorcycle when it's not going 100%. Adrian was once up against Michael Swann in the Lambert & Butler races and such was their domination that they held a five second lead over the rest of the field after just one lap. Adrian lead from lap one until just after half distance when Michael took over at the front. Adrian's Honda had started to show the first signs of trouble though at the finish he was still only fractions of a second behind Swanny. In the Dundrod 150 race the problems again started at about half distance but once again the early pace had been so hot that even nursing the Fireblade home, Adrian still finished in third place. The second Lambert & Butler race in the end proved to risky and Adrian pulled in when the bike started to play up. Still Adrian and Jim are confident that all will be sorted for the Champion of
Champions races next week. The two Regal 600 races saw Adrian loose out to Richard Britton in both and such are Adrian's expectations that a day made up of three second places, a third and a DNF are now looked on as a bit of a disaster. At this point it would be good to remind oneself that there are some riders that have competed for much longer than Adrian that would give their right arm just to finish on the rostrum, let alone win a race.


       Short of the high profile road races, the North West and TT Adrian has to make the most of what is available in order to fly the flag for Honda and of course all his sponsors, so it was the Champion of Champions Series at Kirkistown that would be Adrians
next big event.

    Adrian arrived at Kirkistown with a new improved forced air system on his factory 960cc Red Bull Honda Fireblade and was enthusiastic about tackling the top short circuit racers at this years Champion of Champions series. Sure enough in practice on
Wednesday saw Adrian achieve pole position for the Superbike races and second position on the grid on the Red Bull Honda CBR600 for the Supersport races. As Adrian and the rest of the Superbike competitors formed up on the grid, the heavens opened and quick action by our mechanic Jim McMahon made sure that wheels were changed and the Red Bull Honda was kitted out with the new Metzeler Rain tyres. When the lights turned to green Adrian rocketed into the lead on the wet, greasy surface. He was superb, romping home to take the win by two seconds from Marty Nutt on a Suzuki 1000cc machine.